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    "Hung", 2017

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    R.O.C. Grand Opening Art Performance Piece

    I was asked to do a performance art piece less than 48 hours before the grand opening event for R.O.C. (Republic of Couture).   While I initially said no 4 times, the persistent owner, Gaston, finally convinced me to say yes.  As much as I'm an "extrovert," creating art is deeply personal and opens you up to much criticism, especially when performing live on stage.   I spent over 8 hours figuring out my inspiration, which is music, and I editing my muse into a solid piece where I could react, create and make visual story in twenty-two minutes. My set got cut short by five mins,  but I was pretty damn happy with the end results.  Even with the shortage of time, getting pulled out of my zone due to time restrictions while performing, and running out of black paint,  I loved the actual experience.  The whole thing was not only out of my comfort zone, it was a huge step out of it and taught me to be more confident in trying sometime totally new. Having people coming up to me afterwards with feedback and the excitement from the whole event was a amazing feeling.  Thank you for watching and the support I have received.

    ReDiscovering Atlanta with local Artist Patrick Hanson

    A Video Documentation of "Popped Art" show

    David Magazine Interview

    Fenuxe Magazine Interview

    R.O.C. Grand Opening Art Performance Piece

  •  Promo Video for Dips of Depression, Art Show

    A glimpse into some of the creation for the show.

  • An Affair of Art Live Art Painting Performance 

    A Live Charity Event Art Performance @ ADAC for Art Now and Jerusalem House.  35 minute art creation for a charity event.  

  • Artist Statement

    My diverse upbringing and exposure to many parts of the world has greatly affected me in my endeavors of a greater understanding of life, and is often reflected in my art. I try to engage the viewer in a journey of exploration of the work. I have always been analytical in many facets of my life, it is a point I feel many people do not come to, unless provoked by an outside source. The process of "why do I?" or "what makes me?" and the ability to vocalize it is one of our greatest unused abilities. In today's society of fast pace living and quick results, it is extremely difficult to engage viewers. Whether it is due to the immediate satisfaction we demand in our everyday lives, or if the idea that if it's not overtly obvious, you will lose most of the average viewing public. I have tried to create art in a process of exploration and/or relation. If we are engaged with our senses, we are more inclined to be drawn in. I feel it is the artist's role to engage and hopefully captivate the viewer with as many thoughts and ideas as possible. I often use texture as a means of engagement: the sight, touch and relation are some of the means I add to the canvas as a vehicle to invite the viewer in. My goal is to captivate as many viewers as possible through a sense of connection to the piece of art using tangible elements of texture, as well as composition and content. Artists are often asked the meaning of their work; it would be a great ability to always know and have an explanation of everything, but such answers are rare in life. I think of art as a creative outlet, an outlet that may lead to answers or even questions. It's those results that allows me to grow and evolve. Intent is what makes art a vital part of my life regardles of whether it is known in the initial process, discovered along the way, or hopefully realized after the completion.

  • ABOUT:

    Patrick Andrew Hanson
    Born in Stuttgart Germany, Patrick is the child of a U.S. military father and a German mother. He studied Fine Art at Auburn University graduating in 2000 with a concentration on sculpture. During his four years in the Fine Arts School, he won several Annual Art Exhibition competitions, including two "Best In Show" awards. With sculpture being an integral part of his early exploration in school, it is easy to see its influence in his paintings. The work often has sculptural elements through the use of mixed media, space, and heavy texture. The focus in most of his work deals with form, function, human form/connection, and composition. His expressive use of color, movement and texture give life to an often sterile medium.

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    Atlanta, Metro Atlanta

    Highland Bakery, Highland Ave Location and Emory

    20+ Large to Small sized works


    Midtown Life Studios

    10 Large and Medium sized works

    Gravity Fitness

    10+ Large and Medium sized works


    Pedini Of Atlanta

    10 Large to Small sized works


    Sugar Coat, Virginia Highlands Location

    10 Large to Small sized works


    10 Atlanta,

    4 Large and Medium sized works

    Chip Hill

    3 Medium sized works


    The Works

    1 Large work


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